When Public Health is Part of the Culture War, Innocent People Die.

As we watch right-wing agitators, Fascists, media personalities, and the impeached president howl about ending Stay at Home before the public health experts say we should, remember that, as a SPECIES, we are only as safe as the least-protected person among us.

I am so grateful to live in a city, county, and state that has leadership that understands that. I can practice responsible social distancing, I can stay at home, and I can be a responsible and compassionate member of society, knowing that I’m supported by my local and state government.

I am terrified that right wing state governments will end Stay At Home before the public health experts say it’s safe to do so, and even places like Los Angeles, which are sort of politically insulated from the worst impulses of the Fascists in the federal and various state governments, will be right back to where we were when this all started, and all this Stay at Home we’ve all been responsibly doing, because we care about our neighbors and loved ones, will be for nothing. I can’t even imagine how terrifying it must be to live in a place like Michigan, where we see the profoundly ignorant, following the profoundly evil, hearing the call to turn public health — the very life and death of our fellow humans — into just another part of the culture war.

It is deeply irresponsible, sociopathic behavior, and it is sadly predictable.

The only thing Republicans care about is their own wealth and power, and if people have to die so they can accumulate even more, they are entirely okay with that. If the right people die (according to their racist, xenophobic worldview), that’s a bonus. It’s sickening.

I mean, can you even imagine believing that “only” 1.28 MILLION CHILDREN DYING is entirely acceptable, so shareholders can get a little more money this quarter. That’s a true thing that happened. That snake oil grifter Dr. Oz said that. He’s totally fine with 1.93 children dying, and he doesn’t even have the self-awareness or compassion to realize what a ghoulish, reprehensible, indefensible statement that is.

But if your children, your parents, your neighbors, YOU, have to die so Trump can infect us with his brand of Fascism for another four years, if someone you love has to die so a billionaire can shove a little more money into their pocket, that’s entirely acceptable.

So hey, here’s an idea for Trump cultists: if you’re cool with “only” some percentage of people dying preventable deaths, because Trump or his allies say it’s acceptable, you go first.

So hey, here’s an idea for Trump cultists: if you’re cool with “only” some percentage of people dying preventable deaths, because Trump or his allies says it’s acceptable, you go first. It’s worth it, because the Dear Leader says so. Infect yourself to own the Libs!

See how fucking insane that sounds? How callous, how selfish, how just fucking horrible that is? Good. Your revulsion to that statement proves that you’re a good person. I’m glad you’re here. There are more of us than there are of them, and we who are lucky enough to live in a city, town, county, and/or state that has responsible, public-health-minded officials leading us have to do what we can to help protect our brothers and sisters who don’t.

These right-wing agitators are going to create civil unrest, and they are going to get innocent people killed, because they are the Useful Idiots for people like Trump and his transnational crime syndicate, masquerading as a government.

Don’t let these people hurt you and your loved ones. Stay safe, everyone. Stay home. Stay healthy.

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