Fuck the NRA

A lot of people seem to have a cultural, tribal attachment to their NRA membership, so when I say Fuck the NRA, they respond as if I’ve walked up to them and said, “fuck you.”

That’s not what I mean, but I get where they’re coming from. They come after me, with the usual stupidsphere-style insults, and presumably feel really good about themselves as a result. Good for them. They’re missing my point.

I say Fuck the NRA, because the NRA does everything it can to get weapons like the AR-15 into the hands of people who want to use it to murder other humans. I say Fuck the NRA because we are paralyzed as a nation, held hostage by gun manufacturers and gun dealers, who don’t give a fuck about people being murdered, people being afraid to go to crowded or popular areas, or any of the other consequences of the culture of gun fetishisim and violence that they have created with the NRA as their primary lobbying organization.

I said Fuck the NRA during the Dallas shootings because if the NRA wasn’t holding our nation hostage with its insanity, the person or persons who murdered those police in Dallas last night probably wouldn’t have been able to have such easy access to a weapon of quick, efficient, and easy killing. A totally innocent person who was Open Carrying (which is stupid and only serves to intimidate and frighten people) was presumed to be a suspect, when he had nothing to do with it. That guy’s received thousands of credible death threats now. But he’s Black, so the NRA doesn’t give a fuck.

A lot of NRA supporters like to go on and on about how everyone should own military-style weapons, so they can rise up against the government. Well, guess what, NRA? That happened last night. The police are part of the government, and someone did exactly what the NRA has been dogwhistling to its supporters for decades. Happy, now? You got what you wanted. Take your “thoughts and prayers” and shove them up your ass.

So, I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it until someone ends the NRA’s reign of terror in America: fuck the NRA.

Wizard. Time Lord. Fake geek girl. On a good day I am charming as fuck.

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