At last, accountability.

For the first time in his cruel, racist, abusive, mendacious, privileged life, Donald Trump has been held accountable for his actions. A majority of Congresspersons, representing a majority of Americans, have done all they can do to protect and defend our country from Donald Trump’s crimes. The American people have spoken, and the American people believe Donald Trump abused his power and obstructed Congress, in violation of the laws of our nation.

The trial of Donald Trump is over. Donald Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. As President of the United States of America, he violated his oath of office, and he has been held accountable by the American people.

And now a new trial will begin. It is, in many ways, more consequential and more urgent than the trial of Donald Trump.

The trial of the Republican Party is about to begin, and the result of that trial is as important, if not more important, than the trial of Donald Trump. That trial is about the future of America, as a Republic.

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